How to find the running shoes that will put a spring in your stride

Whether you run marathons, epic endurance trails or you’re just fond of scoring big miles when you can, a pair of the latest long distance running shoes can make a big difference to your experience on the road or trail.

Recent advances insole technology, ventilation, and materials, have led to the creation of long-distance running trainers capable of taking you further. Combining new breathable materials, 'energy return' foams, and stabilising innovations, those long miles will seem just that little bit shorter. 


How to put on a wetsuit

For triathletes and open-water swimmers, a good wetsuit can keep you swimming year-round and can support your stroke, helping you to swim faster for longer. If you're new to wearing a wetsuit it can feel tricky to get into but don't panic - here's our simple guide to get you open-water ready in a flash.



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